Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Bodybuilding For The New Year 2018 - Avoid These Epic Fails!!

It's now December. You’ve been killing’ it in the gym since New Year’s Day, and you have no plans of stopping. You're a machine. You know most people in the gym by their first name, used all the top steroid alternatives and on first name terms with the girls at the front desk.

You got this gym thing under control. Why can’t more people do the same thing every year? May rolls around. You finally decide to take that 5-month progress picture all the weight loss articles says is a good idea. You’re the primary goal this year was to lose fat wherever it would fall off first.

You snap the photo on your Smart Phone with the double deluxe widescreen added, excited to see the change in size and cuts on your arms, shoulders, and biceps. After uploading the picture, you look at the two photos.

You have no idea which one you took first. You are stunned! Many guys face this exact problem every year. With the promise of a new body after “simply doing this routine for 3 short months,” they fall victim to over hype and bad science. Or you just realize you were sold a dud supplement that DOES NOT increase testosterone and make muscle grow in no time!!! 

So what is really going on here?

There is a straightforward explanation, and there is a more complex one. The simple answer is most new guys in the gym have no idea what most bodybuilders, the ones they see in magazines, on Youtube, or in online fitness articles, actually do when they are not at the gym. I’ll let you in on a little secret… THEY ARE EATING!!!!! New Year's Resolution Mistakes These items taste good and can be enjoyed cheaply! And not just eating, but making sure everything they eat has a purpose.

They don’t go down to Costco and pile drive pizzas into their mouths like it’s the last meal of the apocalypse. Most of them are not only counting calories but measuring macro-nutrients. They are almost body scientists, carefully adding up the maths of every gram of food they put into that muscle-bound body. And 9 times out of 10, that food is a whole food, with vast amounts of nutrients. I’ve never met a bodybuilder who didn’t eat broccoli at least twice a day. 

The more complicated version

While the kitchen holds the secret to how bodybuilders and strength athletes build great, lean bodies, the work they put in the gym also matters. You won’t find many bodybuilders or strength athletes performing tricep kickbacks for hours on end (or even for three sets of 10).

The guys and girls who really make those muscles pop are working major muscle groups of the legs, back, shoulders, abdominals, and chest. The more different muscle groups you use, in fact, the more fit and healthy you will be overall, which not only makes you more of a powerhouse but an efficient powerhouse. There is a difference between being able to lift 200lb pounds in a gym and lift 200lbs out on the street, that is for another article though. 

Take away point For The Beginners!

If you just go to the gym and workout without paying any importance to your nutrition, your hard work won’t show up in the mirror. Make sure your exercises are involving major muscle groups, legs, back, chest, shoulders, core, and even more than one at a time for maximum strength turn over. A great example of this is a squat and press. The more you know, the more you grow... Good luck for 2017 all the beginner bodybuilders!

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